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New Natural Gas Service Line or Changes

Installing Natural Gas? Let Us Help.

Get natural gas in place safely and reliably

It's our goal to get you the natural gas service you need quickly and easily. We can help you:

  • Connect a new natural gas service line
  • Make an alteration to an existing line or meter
  • Remove, disconnect or reconnect an existing service line
  • Install a secondary line

Note: As of Aug 3, 2021 – customers can apply online for the above services on Quick Connect.

View our Onboarding Guide to get help setting up your account.

View our Request Types Document​ to learn about the different requests you can submit

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Get Connected

There are 6 simple steps in getting you the natural gas service you need. New or existing, we’ll be with you at every step to get you up and running.

  • Phase 1 | Requesting Natural Gas Service

  • YOU submit your request through Quick Connect

    For help getting your account set up, check out our Quick Connect onboarding guide. Each type of request requires different information and documentation. Detailed information about the information required by service type can be found in Request Types. Please note that things like building readiness, location of the new service line, and time of year can impact how quickly we can complete your request.​

    YOU will be able to accept the quote, sign the contract, and pay the prepayment invoice online through Quick Connect.

  • Phase 2 | Set Up a Retailer Account

    (for new service lines only)

  • WE will let you know once your contract has been approved and you have been assigned a Site ID.

    YOU  will use your Site ID to set up a retailer account at

    *Tip* The sooner your retailer sets up your account, the sooner they will notify ATCO Gas. Please do not ask the retailer to post-date the start of your account. This can create delays. 

  • Phase 3 | Inspection

  • YOU let us know your site is ready for inspection.  Ensure your site is ready for inspection by reviewing the Site Readiness requirements.​

    WE will inspect the site to make sure it is safe and ready for work to be completed.

    YOU will be able to view the status of your site inspection in Quick Connect.​

    YOU or YOUR heating contractor will need to obtain a proper permit from the local governing authority. This approved permit will need to be provided to our Natural Gas Distribution division. 

  • gas-products-services-ylw
    Phase 4 | Natural Gas Service Line Installation, REMOVAL, ALTERATION OR SECONDARY SERVICE INSTALL​

  • WE will arrange for the natural gas service line installation, removal, alteration or secondary service work to be completed once the site passes inspection (if required). 

  • gas-service-area-ylw
    Phase 5 | Meter Installation

    (for new service lines only)

  • WE will install the meter once the natural gas service line is in. Make sure you have your permit and retailer in place. ​

    YOU enjoy your new natural gas service!

  • financial-summary-ylw
    Phase 6 | Final Invoicing

  • YOU will receive another invoice via your preferred delivery method if there were any additional charges. The invoice will also be available to view in Quick Connect!

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