Outages and Emergencies

Emergency situations can occur at any time. Stay safe by being prepared.

Smell Natural Gas?

A pungent, rotten egg odour is added to natural gas so it is detected for safety reasons. If you smell gas inside a building:

  • Leave immediately.
  • Leave lights and appliances alone.
  • Call ATCO or 911 once you are outside 


If you smell gas outside a building:

  • Call ATCO or 911 immediately.
  • Keep people away from the area.
  • Do not smoke or light any flames.


No Heat?

Call ATCO's emergency line but in the meantime, take care using other heat sources:

  • Indoor electric heaters are safe.
  • Avoid wood fireplaces (you need to open a nearby window). 
  • Never use outdoor barbecues, kerosene heaters or camping heaters indoors (they emit carbon monoxide).




If natural gas service has safely been restored in your area and you'd like to relight your own natural gas appliances, here are some videos to guide you:

When in an emergency, call ATCO Gas emergency line 24 hours a day.