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Federal Fuel Charge Exemption

Navigating the Federal Fuel Charge Exemption

ATCO can help businesses and greenhouse operators navigate the federal government's fuel charge (also known as the carbon tax) exemption program, Since January 1, 2020, the federal carbon tax has been applied to all fossil fuels in Alberta, including natural gas, under the Greenhouse Pollution Pricing Act. This tax rate increases annually and may significantly impact natural gas bills.

Businesses and greenhouse operators may be eligible for a 100% exemption as registered emitters or up to 80% relief for greenhouse operators on the federal carbon charge.

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ATCO can guide you through the process and assist you in understanding your options under the exemption program.

Helpful Fuel Charge Exemption Resources & Links

ATCO requires specific information in addition to what is asked in the Government of Canada forms. To complete the fuel charge exemption process, please fill out the below forms, including the ATCO Fuel Charge Exemption Form.