Prevent & Detect Carbon Monoxide

Prevent & detect CO in your home


Furnaces and other natural gas appliances

  • Have your furnace and other natural gas appliances (such as your hot water heater, natural gas stove, etc.) checked regularly by a qualified technician, according to the manufacturer's specifications.

  • Check your filter monthly. For a disposable filter, be sure to replace it when it's dirty. You may also have a permanent filter that requires regular cleaning.

  • Check your furnace flame monthly. You should see a clear blue flame. Call a qualified technician if you see a yellow flame.

  • Never plug or cover vents designed to supply air to your gas appliances.

  • Keep the area around your furnace free of clutter.

  • Keep your furnace's panels and grills in place.

  • Do only the maintenance you are comfortable with. For anything else, call a qualified technician.

In a garage

  • Never idle a vehicle in a garage, even with the door open.

  • Make sure that your garage is properly ventilated.

  • Maintain your garage heater according to manufacturer's instructions.

Wood-burning fireplace

  • Always have an adequate fresh air supply before you start a wood fire.

  • Open a nearby window if your fireplace does not have its own air intake.

  • Always keep chimneys and vents clear and clean.

Around the home

  • Never run exhaust fans, power attic vents or central vacuum systems for a long time.

  • Never use a charcoal barbecue or portable gas grill inside.

  • Check your indoor and outdoor vents monthly, looking for rust, soot buildup, cracks or blockages. If you see any, call a qualified technician.

Detection - CO alarm

  • Install at least one carbon monoxide alarm in your home. One alarm per floor is recommended. If you only have one, place it near bedrooms.

  • Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing and maintaining your alarm.

  • Write its expiry date on it with a marker so you know when to replace it.

  • Vacuum it monthly. Replace battery annually, if applicable.