Alberta Wildfires

Find links to FAQs, preparedness resources and information for communities impacted by the wildfires.


Did you know?  Alberta’s official wildfire season runs from March 1 to October 31 annually. Wildfires can escalate quickly, impacting communities, homes and the environment as well as interfering with ATCO’s natural gas and/or electric infrastructure.

We’re always monitoring the threat and work closely with local and provincial authorities to keep impacted areas safe for our customers and employees.  

Depending on the situation, we may need to shut gas off in the interest of public safety. Do not shut off gas at your meter or touch the regulator and riser if evacuating. We will turn gas off as needed.

Read more about how ATCO is proactively mitigating the 2024 wildfire risk. 


Contact Us

  • For relighting assistance or general inquiries: 310-5678
  • If you smell gas or have an emergency: 1-800-511-3447


The Government of Alberta has extensive resources available for emergencies that could impact your community – things like evacuation support, road reports, active wildfire details, and more. You can also download the Alberta Wildfire and Alberta Emergency Alert apps for the most current details. 


    Keeping communities and customers safe is our main priority.  ATCO is working hard to ensure our system is as reliable and resilient as possible, even in the face of extreme weather events.

    • A dedicated ATCO team acts as our frontline defense to proactively identify threats and prepare for situations that could impact your service.
    • We work closely with local and provincial authorities to coordinate our actions before, during and after events.
    • We’re protecting our infrastructure – natural gas valve and station sites have been intentionally designed and constructed with non-flammable materials. 


    • Outside
      • Create a safe zone around your property by removing flammable items that are within 1.5 metres of the perimeter. This includes cleaning out your rain gutters.
      • Water and trim grass, trees and shrubs to ensure moisture and keep brush away from your home. 
      • Keep flammable liquids like propane tanks at least 3 metres from the property. 
      • Invest in fire-rated, non-combustible materials for the exterior of your home such as fire-resistant roofing, siding, and heavy-duty windows.
    • Inside
      • Ensure smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are installed and working on every floor of your home. 
      • Ensure flammable materials are cleared from appliances like stoves and toasters as this may lead to a fire risk if the property is vacant when power is restored. 
      • Have an emergency kit prepared to sustain you and your family (including pets) for up to 72 hours. Items to consider include:
        • Food (canned goods, snacks, etc.)
        • Water and electrolytes
        • Medical supplies (prescription meds, over the counter meds, etc.)
        • First aid kit (band aids, gauze, bandages, antiseptic wipe, protective gloves, etc.)
        • Sanitation supplies (hand sanitizer, masks, cleaning wipes, etc.)
        • Other (power bank, flashlight, multi-tool, blankets, lighter, etc.)


    Each wildfire and its impact on the surrounding community are different. In the event of evacuation, we may need to shut gas off in the interest of public safety. Do not shut off gas at your meter or touch the regulator and riser – we will turn gas off as needed.

    In some areas, ATCO may be either partially or fully restricted from entering evacuated zones to address any damage. We work closely with the local authorities and our customers to determine which sites and areas are a priority. All this can make it challenging to predict when service can be restored.

    For safety, entire areas or specific homes may require a damage assessment and necessary repairs before gas can be safely restored. Once complete, ATCO may need to coordinate with an onsite representative for each location prior to restoration.  

    Once gas service is restored, ATCO employees, wearing company issued ID, will be going door-to-door to assist customers with the relighting of their appliances if needed.  

    Our Wildfire Mitigation Approach

    At ATCO, we are committed to ensuring our infrastructure remains safe and reliable and prepared for climate impacts.