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Gas Meters

Do you need a gas meter installed?

Before we can arrange to have a meter installed at your new site, you need to do a few things:

  1. Have a new gas service line installed 
  2. Obtain a permit 
  3. Set up a retailer account with a natural gas retailer: In Alberta, natural gas retailers are responsible for setting up natural gas accounts, issuing bills and collecting payment. To set up a retailer account, visit and choose the retailer that best meets your needs. 
    *Note, to set up an account with your natural gas retailer, you will need your site ID which can be found on 

After you’ve checked these three items off your to-do list, we will create a work order for your meter installation. Generally, you can expect your meter to be installed within 15 business days from the time these three tasks are complete.

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Meter Exchange Program

You may have received a letter from us outlining the Meter Exchange Program. This program is required by the Electricity and Gas Inspections Act to test a sample of our meters annually to be sure our meters are working to the highest standard of accuracy. These guidelines are to assure you that we are providing reliable and fair service.

If you did receive the letter, you were one of roughly 10,000 selected at random. Normally our meters are expected to live at your homes for around 20 years, but this program can select new or old meters as part of the re-certification.

What do I need to do if I received a letter?

First, schedule an appointment by filling out our online form or calling our Customer Assistance Centre

Once your appointment is made, one of our employees will meet you at your home to exchange the meter, during the exchange your natural gas will be briefly interrupted. Once the exchange is done, we will relight your appliances inside your home. 

What happens if I do not book an appointment?

We recommend scheduling an appointment so we can relight your appliances inside your property and make sure they are operating safely. However, if you do not book an appointment, our service personnel will come to exchange the meter during the non-heating season.  A card will be left at your property with a telephone number to call if you’re unable to relight your own appliances. However, if you are comfortable re-lighting your own appliances, please feel free to do so.

How do I know it’s an ATCO employee at my door?

Ask for identification. ATCO employees and contractors will always have ATCO-issued ID.

If the individual cannot produce ATCO-issued ID, customers are encouraged to refuse entry.

Book an appointment

If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your meter exchanged, use our online booking system.