Our Energy Future

The Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is a foundational fuel that Albertans have used in their homes and outdoor living spaces for decades to run their water heaters, stoves, barbecues, garage and patio heaters, outdoor firepits and clothes dryers. It’s also affordable. Compared to electricity, it’s five times less expensive as an option to meet the energy needs in your home.

We also know that it’s important to Albertans that we strive to make a significant contribution to reducing emissions in the long-term and we’re committed providing natural gas solutions that will do just that.  

As Alberta phases out coal-fired electricity generation and moves towards its target of 30 per cent renewable energy, natural gas-fired generation provides stable and reliable power.

Natural gas is...


Natural gas is an efficient and cleaner-burning energy source with fewer emissions than many other fossil fuels. It’s also an important partner for renewables and emerging low-emission technologies. We believe natural gas will be part of the energy mix for zero energy homes and buildings; we are exploring options for incorporating natural gas via renewable sources into our pipeline system.


Reductions in energy costs, means money back in your pocket.  

When comparing the costs of natural gas vs. electric, Albertan’s pay 2 cents per kWh for the cost of natural gas. This includes the cost of the commodity, carbon tax, franchise fees, GST, transmission and distribution charges. By contrast, electricity cost 10 cents per kWh and that’s just the price to move the electrons.  

Households that use natural gas for water heating save close to $400 per year compared to homes using electricity. Natural gas remains the most cost-effective way to heat a home and power commercial businesses.

The affordability of natural gas in Canada is reinforced by growing demand for affordable energy worldwide.


ATCO is committed to the safe, secure, reliable, and environmentally responsible delivery of natural gas to customers. Our natural gas delivery systems are designed, built and operated to the highest regulatory codes and standards. 


Canada has more than 200 years of supply at current production levels. Yep, that’s right. We’re not running out anytime soon.


Over 550,0000 kilometres of underground natural gas pipelines and extensive storage facilities have been built to bring natural gas across the country to more than 6.4 million customers when they need it.  Currently, natural gas meets over 30 per cent of Canadian domestic energy needs, second only to petroleum products. This versatile fuel is the single largest source of energy for Canadian homes and industry and is a growing source of fuel for transportation and the generation of electricity.