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Furnace & Appliance Inspections

We want to ensure our customers feel happy and safe with their furnace and all the natural gas appliances in their home which is why we provide appliance and furnace inspections at no direct cost to you. To schedule an appointment, fill out the service request form or call the Customer Assistance Centre at 310-5678 toll-free.

Please note we are not able to install, clean, repair or remove appliances. For these services, you need to contact a qualified heating and/or plumbing contractor.


Timing Tip

During the fall and winter, there is a high demand for furnace and appliance checks. You might need to wait a little for this free service. Book your appointment in the spring and summer for a faster turn-around time.

Request a Service

To be added to our waitlist for natural gas appliance and furnace inspections, please fill out the form.