Operational Technology

Methane Imaging

Emissions Reduction Alberta has awarded a Methane Challenge grant to a team led by ATCO. The team includes technology provider MultiSensor Scientific (MSS), emissions monitoring service provider Target Emission Services and communications developer Zedi Communications.

The team aims to develop and assess new methane imaging and emissions quantification technology with the objective of demonstrating cost-effective detection and localization of key methane emission sources. The team will develop and test a new sensor prototype for imaging to quantify the emissions rate of methane from wells, compressors, stations and other industrial sources of methane emissions in Alberta.

With the Emissions Reduction Alberta goal of reducing methane emissions by 45% from 2012 levels by 2030, this technology will identify at least 30% of the emitting sources by monitoring upstream gas sources alone.

Picarro Surveyor 

In 2017, we piloted a program utilizing newly discovered leak survey technology that could detect gas leaks without needing employees to walk the lines. 

We teamed up with Picarro and FluxLab, both science and technology-driven companies with expertise in gas leak detection and measurement, to pilot the program in the Edmonton area. Instead of having employees walking the lines, the pilot introduced a vehicle-based leak detection technology from Picarro that would allow employees to survey the lines more efficiently.

Read more about our Picarro Survey program.