Dig Carefully on Your Work Site

Last year, 73% of our underground natural gas lines were hit by contractors.

Hitting an underground utility has serious consequences and is completely preventable. Know where the lines are before you dig. Respect the marks to avoid injuries, project delays and financial losses.

Click before you dig - Submit a locate request

  • It is a free service (there may be a fee for privately installed utilities).
  • Markings are valid for 30 days.
  • Call at least two working days ahead but give more notice during long weekends and holidays.

You can face serious consequences for hitting a line

  • Seriously hurting yourself or another worker.
  • Causing a fatality.
  • Losing work time.
  • Paying expensive repair costs and causing project delays.
  • Causing a loss of natural gas service.

Own the Zone

Natural gas markings are yellow

They show:

  • The direction the natural gas line runs.
  • The approximate location of the line.

They do not show:

  • The depth of the line – which can be just a few inches from the surface as soil is graded or erodes.


Natural gas lines stand no chance against excavation equipment. They will be punctured easily.

  • Keep one metre (three feet) safety clearance on either side of the outside of the locate marks. This is the hand expose zone – absolutely no machines.
  • If you are excavating in this zone, you must use a shovel or hydrovac to carefully expose the natural gas line.
  • You must be able to see the line – to verify its location – before continuing the job.


*Please note that we're currently updating our Safety Handbook. If you'd like to receive the updated version once it's available, please fill out the form to your right and remember to dig safely!