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Micro Combined Heat & Power

An Innovative High-Efficiency Energy Solution

Micro combined heat & power (mCHP) is an innovative high-efficiency energy solution that uses natural gas to generate both heat and electricity for your home by capturing the excess thermal energy that would normally be lost during power generation. Instead, the mCHP unit uses the excess thermal energy to heat your home, helping you create greater efficiencies, lower your utility costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Because mCHP generates electricity exactly when and where you need it, it can provide you with reliable, low-emitting energy production today and in the future.

Installing our micro combined heat and power (mCHP) unit in your home can help you gain better control of the cost and supply of power to your home.

Energy efficient technologies are just one more way we’re using innovation to broaden our services and your energy options.

To learn more about ATCO's inovolvment in innovative mCHP initiatives, check out these publications:

  • Western Energy: Downsizing Combined Heat and Power Technology for Smaller Applications
  • CHP Magazine: Bringing big Benefits: mCHP offers clean, reliable and cost-effective energy for apartments and farms (page 14)

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  • Cost savings on utility bills
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by up to 31% each year
  • Compatible with conventional renewables like solar, and can achieve net-zero electric and near net zero emissions
  • Noise level is low – approximately 45dB quieter than a residential fridge
  • Can be retrofitted to existing residences and installed at new builds
  • Heat can be used in a hydronic-thermal application (i.e. in-floor heating, domestic hot water, and hydronic air-handlers)

Unit available (starts at ~$17,000 installed)

  • 1.5kW of electricity and 12,600 BTU/hour of heat