Urban Pipeline Replacement

Northwest Calgary Connector

  • Northwest Calgary Connector

    The Project

    In 2014, we received approval from the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) to proceed with the Urban Pipeline Replacement (UPR) Program. This Program will help to modernize the natural gas network serving your community, add capacity to meet the growing natural gas demands of our customers and continue to provide safe and reliable service. 

    The Northwest Calgary Connector (NWCC) project is part of UPR and involves installing approximately 14 km of natural gas pipeline that will run along the northwest leg of Stoney Trail within the Transportation/Utility Corridor (TUC) and then along 85th Street NW from Scenic Bow Road to Township Road 261A. As well, we are going to be building four above ground facilities.


    Pre-construction activities have already begun, this includes surveying, environmental assessments, geotechnical work and stakeholder consultation.

    • Construction: December 2020 - May 2021 (Completed).
    • Restoration: Summer/Fall 2021 weather and environmental restrictions, such as migratory birds, permitting.   


    Along Stoney Trail within the TUC and then along 85th Street NW from Scenic Bow Road to Township Road 261A.

    What you can expect

    • Residents in the area may notice an increase in construction traffic, noise associated with construction and potentially dust from the installation of the new pipeline; 
    • We'll be using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to complete a trenchless installation. This involves installing the pipeline underneath existing infrastructure so there's minimal environmental disturbances and a reduction of construction footprint.
    • All trails, pathways and parks (including David Richardson Memorial Disc Golf Park) within the construction route will be temporarily rerouted during construction and will be reestablished in the restoration phase of the project;
    • Trees will be removed as necessary in order to complete construction of the project;
    • Additional precautions such as physical distancing and additional protective equipment will be worn. 

    Public Consultation

    Public consultation along the pipeline route started in spring of 2018. Consultants have been going door to door to speak with residents about the project and answer questions.

    We hosted open houses on May 30, 2018 at Bearspaw Christian School and  June 20, 2018 at Lynx Ridge Golf Course. 

    Door to door consultation was completed for all adjacent residents in 2018.



    Construction Timeline: 
    December 2020 - October 2021

    Location: Along northwest section of Stony Trail (in the TUC), then North along 85 Street NW from Scenic Bow Road to Township Road 261A

    Project: UPR

    Phase: Restoration

    You can stay up to date with our application by using Proceeding #24827