Rates & Billing

Understanding Energy

It takes a distributor and retailer to bring you natural gas

Your Distributor - that's us, ATCO Gas

ATCO Gas is a distributor of natural gas. As a regulated distribution utility, we are responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to homes, businesses, farms and institutions such as schools and hospitals. ATCO Gas as is not an energy retailer of natural gas.

Our delivery rates are among the lowest in Canada and cover the costs of delivering the natural gas including:

  • Providing 24-hour natural gas emergency response
  • Measuring natural gas through monthly meter reading
  • Submitting monthly meter readings to Retailers so they can bill customers
  • Operating a call centre and other services to answer questions from customers and Retailers
  • Building new infrastructure
  • Relocating and upgrading natural gas pipelines, gate stations and other gas distribution facilities to keep pace with Alberta's growth


Your Retailer

In Alberta, you choose the energy Retailer from which you want to buy natural gas. The Retailer sells you natural gas, provides account services and bills you. More information about Retailers is available through the Utilities Consumer Advocate.


Who to call with questions

Retailer: if you have questions about the amount charged per GJ.

ATCO Gas: meter readings or total bill GJs, or if you experience an outage or emergency.

Phone numbers for both companies are on your bill.