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Construction Energy

The safest, reliable, and most cost-effective solution for your construction needs

Why wait until your construction project is completed to get a natural gas line installed? With ATCO’s Construction Energy service, you don’t need to wait. You can use natural gas to provide both heat and power onsite during all phases of construction. Contact us early in your development process to access construction energy for your project. 


  • Cost savings - Save up to 60% on fuel costs - natural gas is less expensive than propane and diesel, in fact it’s 6x cheaper than diesel.
  • Increase productivity and reduce labour costs - Our solution provides an unlimited supply of natural gas, which can help to reduce downtime. Plus, no labour is required to change out, track or re-order propane tanks.
  • Access to reliable and convenient energy - You get a continuous and reliable supply of heat and power throughout construction because you’re only using one energy source for your project.
  • Improved site safety - Your staff don’t need to move heavy propane tanks.
  • Straight-forward billing - You only pay for the fuel you use and will receive a single monthly gas bill reflecting your actual usage.