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Combination Furnace & Water Heater

Seamlessly combining your furnace and tankless hot water heater into one energy-efficient appliance.

Designed to deliver high-performance comfort year-round, this combination furnace is an innovative, fully integrated appliance that combines both space heating and tankless hot water heating functions. The product is ideal for any residential project, including new builds, renovations, and appliance replacements. 

Homebuilders and contractors can add value for customers by passing on benefits like cheaper utility bills and lower carbon footprints with this best in-class product that uses clean burning natural gas. 

Combination Furnace


  • Save Space: Eliminate space traditionally needed for water heater resulting in smaller mechanical rooms needed in basement and more living space

  • Turn-key and Easy-to-install: Single appliance installation saves time needed from contractors

  • Reduce Energy Operating Costs: Homeowners save approximately 60% compared to an electric hot water tank

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint: Decrease GHG emissions by approximately 36% annually compared to electric hot water tank