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  • Reducing CO2 By Turning Emissions Into Soap

    Energy innovation is a central pillar of ATCO’s strategy and for that reason, we’re constantly on the lookout for effective – and sometimes even cool – technologies that have the potential to meet our customer’s needs. Importantly, that also means an overall focus on enabling the transition to a net-zero emissions future.

    Turning a problem into an opportunity.  

    History will tell you that the evidence of soap-making dates back thousands of years. And more recently, for obvious reasons, we’ve ALL been washing our hands a lot more than usual.

    So, when tech company, CleanO2, started looking at ways to use their customized carbon-capture units (CARBiN-X), they found a unique and marketable way to reimagine carbon. By capturing and processing CO2 emissions from furnaces and boilers in places like schools, housing complexes, industrial facilities and more, they began making soap from the resulting potassium-rich salt (potash) to demonstrate that carbon can also be a useful commodity. ATCO is partnering on the project to help advance the technology, find prospective testing locations, and lend our expertise.

    For host sites, the benefits of using the CARBiN-X are impressive, including saving up to 20 per cent on energy costs annually, demonstrating their environmental commitments, and preventing carbon emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

    Getting your slice.

    For anyone interested in trying out the soapy bubbles, CleanO2 bar and liquid products are available for purchase at select Canadian Tire, boutiques and Safeway/Sobeys stores throughout Alberta. It’s a great way to support innovation and reduce emissions – all while smelling very fresh!

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