Natural Gas

Project Profile

  • Pembina Keephills Transmission Pipeline

    ATCO completed a critical piece in Alberta’s coal-to-gas power plant conversion with the successful construction and commissioning of the Pembina Keephills Transmission Line (PKTL), from Drayton Valley to Genesee. The project, a 762mm (30”) 59 km high-pressure pipeline along with seven above ground facilities, directly supports phasing out coal generated electricity, ultimately reducing greenhouse gas emissions with cleaner burning natural gas.

    The Project

    ATCO served as the project manager, having technical oversight on all aspects of the project including:

    • Design: Completed the system planning work, defining requirements for pipeline sizing, routing, start and stop points, and material specifications.
    • Engineering: Managed and reviewed pre-construction deliverables including design and construction and operability feasibility of the pipeline and associated above-ground valve assemblies. Coordinated prequalification and tender processes with Construction and Procurement; managed scope, scheduling, contractor prequalification and financial aspects, and ensured the project met customer requirements.
    • Procurement: Procured all material (pipe, valves, bends, fittings etc.) and valve assembly prefabrication to ensure all design and code requirements were met. Commercial analysis was completed following a bid clarifications process and negotiation. The complete evaluation of the offers received from the various contractors covered technical analysis of each contractor, including their past performance with ATCO, safety performance, experience in related industry and key personnel.
    • Construction management: Provided insight to engineering on constructability, scope, costs estimates, and resource planning. Managed physical construction aspects to ensure scope, specification, quality requirements, financial limits, code and regulatory compliance, and customer requirements were met.
    • Stakeholder engagement: Managed acquisition of landowner consent and third-crossing approvals; liaised with all impacted parties including local provincial, county, and town elected officials, regulator, land owners and Indigenous communities to ensure all stakeholders were informed and engaged throughout process.
    • Reclamation: Final cleanup and restoration of the pipeline right-of-way, temporary workspace, and other affected land areas to their original condition.

    After seven and a half months working in challenging terrain, topography and temperatures spanning -40°C to 30°C, the project was completed ahead of schedule, under budget and in compliance with all regulatory requirements. Execution of the pipeline reflected ATCO’s core values, meeting or exceeding stringent commitments to safety, the environment, quality, code compliance and Indigenous communities. This project demonstrated ATCO’s ability to manage the full depth and breadth of a complex project that involved bringing together the best interests of multiple stakeholders. Beyond this, ATCO is also proud of the local impact made: PKTL employed more than 600 people, generated ~$10M in opportunity to businesses in the area and crews raised over $20,000 for local charities in need.


    Project initiation / high level feasibility study triggered
    2017: Preliminary project planning commenced
    September 2019 - March 2020: Construction
    July 2020 - October 2020: Reclamation

    Location: Between Drayton Valley and Genesee, Alberta

    Category: EPC, Planning & Advice, Transmission & Distribution