Natural Gas

Bigstone Cree Nation and M.D of Opportunity No. 17 Sandy Lake Gasification Project

  • Bigstone Cree Nation and M.D of Opportunity No. 17 Sandy Lake Gasification Project

    ATCO is pleased to share its plans to bring a new natural gas delivery service to the communities of Bigstone Cree Nation and M.D of Opportunity No. 17 Sandy Lake.

    The natural gas system includes a new high-pressure station near Wabasca which will connect into the NOVA Gas Transmission Line (NGTL) for the gas supply and continue to new lower pressure gas mains along Highway 813 into Bigstone Cree Nation and M.D of Opportunity No. 17 Sandy Lake.  


    • Pre-construction activities are underway, and we are engaging stakeholders through an Open House

    • Surveying the pipeline alignment and workspace to establish and mark construction limits and to locate other underground utilities (pipelines, cables, etc.)

    • Removing and stockpiling topsoil in layers to protect the soil for future use

    • Grading and preparing land for construction

    • Setting up of horizontal directional drilling rigs, machines and support trailers at road and waterway crossing locations

    • Pressure testing the new pipe sections

    • Connecting the new pipeline to the existing systems

    • Commissioning of the pipeline for natural gas distribution services

    How this will affect you 

    • When construction starts, residents in the area may notice an increase in construction activities, noise associated with construction and potentially vehicle traffic in the areas between Wabasca and Sandy Lake, along Highway 813

    • All trails and pathways within the construction route will be temporarily rerouted during construction and will be reestablished in the restoration phase of the project

    • We'll be using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to complete a trenchless installation. This involves installing the pipeline underneath existing infrastructure so there's minimal environmental disturbances and a reduction of construction footprint

    • All community protocols will be observed 


    Construction Timeline: Spring to Fall 2023

    Location: Between Bigstone Cree Nation and M.D. of Opportunity No. 17 Sandy Lake

    Project: New Gas Service

    Phase: Planning 

    Bigstone Cree Nation and M.D of Opportunity Sandy Lake Project Map
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